ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK Download

ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK is available to download from our website. This is a new and upgraded version of ShowBox APK series and a lot of new functions are included in this App. Today you can easily Download ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK with every new feature that is included in this App.

How To Download ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK?

The file size of this App is same as compared to the other versions, so to download ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK, just you need IDM or any other direct downloading software to get this file. You can also get this App easily with your Browser Downloading Program.

We have also uploaded many other versions that are related to this App and the previous version we uploaded on our website was ShowBox 4.93 APK For Android Download. You can click on this link to get that version easily in less than no time.

Features of ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK

These are some of the new features that are included in this App and I hope you will like them because it is liked by many users who use this App.

  1. Eye-Catchy Interface of Menus and Navigation
  2. User-Friendly App Structure and Easy To Explore
  3. You can watch movies by viewing the Subtitles also
  4. Compatible with other versions of Video Players
  5. MX Player is good for this App to watch movies
  6. Unlimited movies, songs and entertainment shows
  7. Creating your own library and adding your favorite shows in your library
  8. GrowBox APK video player is compatible with this version

These are some new added features that are updated in this App and these new features are awesome because now you can also add your favorite videos by creating your own Video Library.

Compatible Video Players of ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK

Below are some of the compatible video players of ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK and make sure to install them before installing this App because you will not be able to watch any video that is available in this App.

  • MX Player (Recommended)
  • Player Xtreme
  • KM Player
  • BS Player
  • Mobo Player
  • VLC For Android
  • GrowBox APK

These are some of the video players with which you can easily enjoy and watch unlimited movies, entertainment shows, dramas and songs on this ShowBox 5.14 APK App.

Now everything is completed, now just have a look on its file information and supported versions.

File Information of ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK

This is a complete and brief introduction of ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK and please make sure to have a look on it because you should know everything about this App before using it.

Developer ShowBox
Supported Version Android 4.0+
App Version 5.14
Release Date 2017
File Size 41 MB

This is a complete and brief information about this App and if I have missed anything in this App, then you can update me about it.

How To Install ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK on Your Device?

To install ShowBox 5.14 you need to follow the installation process that I will give you, make sure to follow these instructions completely and carefully.

The installation process is a little bit lengthy and that is the reason I have made a separate page of installation process, so read this page and then you will learn how to install ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK.

Read this and if you have any problem related to installation, then please ask inside the comments section of this website.

ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK Download

ShowBox 5.14 For Android APK file size is only 40 MB Approx and to download this App, you need to click on this big red download button, click on it and you will reach the download page, from there get this App and enjoy.


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